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Third Generation Seafood

      Third Generation Seafood established in 1991, is a wholesale seafood distributor located in the world famous Fulton Fish Market in New York, providing the freshest and largest selection of seafood products. We are unquestionably one of the premier seafood distributors in the New York Metropolitan area, and the United States as a whole. We have been in business for over seventeen years, and carry a diverse selection of fresh local and imported seafood, including the finest sushi and related produts, which finds its way to major wholesalers, retailers and hotels, restaurants and food catering chains. We employ a staff of 22 most of whom are specialists in the seafood industry and knowledgeable in all varieties and species as well as the nutritional aspects of different fish and seafood genres.
      As wholesalers of imported and domestic species of seafood, we receive our seafood consignments from world renowned fish farms and seafood brokers, and market our products to brokers and other wholesalers and who, in turn, sell and distribute the products to retailers, high-end restaurants and hotel chains, sushi bars and counters, catering establishments, supermarkets, and other seafood retailers in the New York metropolitan area and throughout the US.

     Whether you’re looking for tuna for sushi or grilling, red snapper, salmon, whiting, or other species of fresh fish, the finest seafood can be found at Third Generation Seafood. We are direct receivers and wholesalers of imported and domestic species of seafood. We can provide you with the freshest and largest selection of seafood products that are available at wholesale market prices.

     The seafood industry in the United States has become a multi-billion dollar industry with a growing demand for seafood and seafood related products in the United States. Our products find their way from our cold storage facilities to major retailers, hotels, restaurants, and finally to the end consumer – the public. To augment the high and growing popularity in the U.S. for seafood products and to further promote the intrinsic nutritional and health benefits of seafood in the diet of the increasingly health and fitness conscious public. We note that there is a growing interest in the United States in Asian ethnic food, especially fish products, which has created substantial opportunities for expansion of our market. Fish is considered the richest source of most healthful and essential types of Omega- 3, EPA and DHA - the types in fish are unique because they keep the heart, eyes, brain and joints healthy, and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, the proliferation of fish products has spawned tens of thousands of small independent sushi bars and counters in the USA and virtually every high end and major hotel and restaurant chain in the New York metropolitan area has at least one sushi bar or counter . In fact, sushi and other forms of seafood are now competing with French and Continental cuisine as the trendiest “haute cuisine” of modern dining.

     The revolution in the seafood industry has been analogous to the previous phenomena of pizza and Chinese cuisine in the 1960s to the 1990s. The difference, however, is that Sushi and fresh fish are not only nutritionally more beneficial but substantially more expensive and easily perishable than ingredients used in pizza, such as flour, canned tomato sauce, cheese. Accordingly, it is essential for the continued success of the major wholesale fish industry, such as our company, that the public demand for fish products be maintained at its present level and substantially increasedin order to ensure constant and undiminishing demand for our fresh products and our business.

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